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Pemba is a Himalayan Sherpa, the Nepalese ethnic group famous worldwide for giving support to western mountaineers on the highest peaks in the world. However, Pemba has never climbed a mountain; she is a folk singer who fled her country years ago due to the civil war in the 1990s, and that now has a new life with her family in Catalonia, Spain.  Twenty years later, Pemba decides to return to her hometown, Goli, a tiny village located on a secluded plateau in the heart of the Himalayas and totally isolated from progress, to organize a concert and discover what remains of the paradise where she grew up. During this return trip, she will show us through ten people who live there; a farmer, a monk, a teacher, a sorcerer, a mountain guide, etc., what life is like in one of the most mythical places on Earth.


Length: 53'16'' minutes

Format: Full HD, 16:9, Stereo

Languages: Catalan, Nepali, Sherpa

Distribution: Feelsales + info

© Copyright:  Jopergon and Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals S.A. 2017

You can watch the film at:

       Filmin (VO with Catalan or Spanish subtitles)

       3CAT  (VO with Catalan subtitles)  (VO with English subtitles)

       Vimeo on Demand (VO with English subtitles)


More info at Catalan Films



11/02/2017  Festival Vivim Muntanyes.  Olot, Spain. +info

26/02/2017  La Cate. Premiere. Figueres, Spain.

22/03/2017  Auditori Centre Excursionista de Catalunya.  Barcelona, Spain.

25/03/2017  Auditori Centre Cívic Urgell. Barcelona, Spain.

31/03/2017  Teatre Municipal de Roses. Roses, Spain. + info

06/04/2017  Casino de Vic. Festival Nits de Cinema Oriental. Vic, Spain + info

19/04/2017  Teatre Municipal de Roses. Roses, Spain. + info

24/04/2017  Biblioteca Municipal de Taradell. Taradell, Spain. + info

26/04/2017  Teatre de Sarrià. Barcelona, Spain. +info

05/05/2017  Celler Brugarol. Focus Engelhorn, Palamos, Spain. + info

06/05/2017  Cinemes Girona, Barcelona, Spain. Organise Casa Asia. + info

11/05/2017  Teatre de les Fontetes. La Massana, Andorra. + info

19/05/2017  SEF Festival of Ethnography. Zasar, Croatia. + info

10/06/2017  TV launch at the program ‘El Documental’ de Canal 33 (TV3). Spain. + info

15/07/2017   Available at the VOD platform Filmin. + info

29/07/2017  SPECIAL JURY AWARD at Festival Internacional de Cinema de Cerdanya. Puigcerdà, Spain. + info.

29/07/2017  7th  International Showcase of Etnographic Cinema of Catalonia, Spain. + info

18/08/2017  XLIX Universitat Catalana d'Estiu de Prada. Prades, France. + info

10/10/2017  26th International Festival of Ethnological Film, Belgrade, Serbia. + info

12/10/2017  JURY AWARD at IV Festival Gollut. Ribes de Freser, Spain. + info

15/10/2017  MEDIMED Euro-Mediterranean Documentary Market Forum 'Ready Made Films'. Sitges, Spain +info

12-25/10/2017  International Festival of Outdoor Films. Czech Republic. 12/10 Ostrava. 16/10 Prague. 25/10 Hradec Králové + info

04/11/2017  28th Screening Showcase of the Centre Excursionista del Solsonès. Solsona, Spain. + info

10/11/2017  24th  Internacional Enviromental Film Festival (FICMA). Barcelona, Spain.  + info

19/11/2017  12th European Film Festival of Segovia, MUCES. Segovia, Spain. + info

23/11/2017  HONORABLE MENTION at XVII Bansko Mountain Film Festival. Bansko, Bulgaria. + info

15/12/2017  15th Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF). Kathmandu, Nepal. + info

21/12/2017  3rd Pokhara International Mountain film festival. Pokhara, Nepal. + info

07/02/2018  Polish Insitute of Sofia, Bulgaria. + info

02/03/2018  2nd Jornades de Muntanya La Vall de Segó. Valencia, Spain. + info

​​February 2018  4th Mountain Film Festival, Mammoth, United States. + info.

March 2018  Video Library at the 33rd Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara, Mexico. + info

11/03/2018  2th Sandalia Sustanibility Film Festival. Alguero, Italy. +info

06/05/2018  13th Eyes and Lenses Film Festival. Warsaw. Poland. + info

26/05/2018  4th International Nature Film Festival of Gödöllö, Hungary. + info

30/06/2018  Travelling KIMFF 2018. New York. United States. + info

August 2018  7th Asinabka Film & Media Arts Festival, Ottawa, Canada. + info

October 2018  Zagreb TourFilm Festival. Zageb, Croatia

December 2018  San Mauro Film Festival. Torino, Italy

21/12/2018  In-Short Film Festival. Lagos, Nigeria + info

08/03/2019  Sjón Anthropological Film Festival. Copenhaguen, Denmark. + info

20/09/2019  Biblioteca Municipal de Taradell. Taradell. Spain. + info

xx/12/2020  Bosnia and Herzegovina Tour Film Festival. Sarajevo, BS and HZ. + info

00/11/2021  Festival Internacional de Películas Nativas Arica Nativa. Arica, Chile.

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