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The environmental crisis and the unstoppable feminist revolution put the world before an unprecedented paradigm shift. Generation Z, young people who are now in their twenties, have emerged as leaders of protest and demand. This documentary brings together four of the most prominent young climate activists in Latin America to tell us how they lead some of these movements.


The Ecuadorian Amazonian indigenous Helena Gualinga, the Costa Rican UNICEF adviser Sara Cognuck, the Chilean feminist Julieta Martínez and the Argentine activist Nicki Becker, talk to us about the dichotomy between Global North and Global South, explain why climate activism is predominantly female and expose their work in social networks. But above all, they ask for a place at the decision-making tables of the highest international institutions, with the aim of helping to rethink the world.



Length: 13'12'' 

Format: 4K, 16:9, Stereo

Languages: Castellano

Produced by:  Casa Amèrica Catalunya with the suport of Fundació "La Caixa"

© Copyright:  Casa Amèrica Catalunya and Fundació "La Caixa".

You can watch the film at:

CaixaForum+ (VO in Spanish)



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